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Mathematics and Physics appear to be exact sciences that do not attract enough of students’ interest. The problem results from many factors including teachers’ limited capability to give examples of practical application of the above mentioned disciplines to technology.
Arinstein Machine tool Company has developed a new training product allowing to demonstrate CNC turning and milling machines functioning and to reveal complex and amazing world of technology by means of PC.
We hope that this training will provide young specialists with new prospects and opportunities.


Training Purposes

  • To learn turning and milling machines basic units: CNC control, standard spindle assembly, linear guideway, step motors, ball screw drives and cutting tool;
  • To learn field of industrial application of turning and milling machines;
  • To demonstrate technical performance and capacities of turning and milling machines;
  • To learn working models of PC-based machine control;
  • To learn ISO-programming for work pieces processing;
  • To familiarize with PC application methods in order to control machines and units operation.